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Anupama on Letter 21
Long time no shots here...looking forward to more photographs from you

chetana on Letter 21
very interesting exercise :) You've got a great eye for identifying these things!

rahul on Letter 20
this one is really nice dude.

Amanda on Letter 16
Love that N!! I had a hard time with that letter...

Céline on Letter 16
Beautiful N ! I like it !

Rahul Nayak on Letter 15
U for sure :)

Amanda on Letter 14
You're very clever with your letter findings! I see the R from yesterday now that you say that. I'm just a ...

Amanda on Letter 13
Wait, what letter is this? I'm having a hard time with this one...

Rahul Nayak on Letter 10
I would guess the letter Q and when you said more artistically inclined.. do you mean dumb people :P

Charles Dastodd on Letter 12
"E"! Very creative. looks quite cold :)

Charles Dastodd on Letter 11
I am guessing "v"? looks good :)

David on Letter 12
I like the way that so many of your photos in this series have strong, central color motifs.

David on Letter 6
Very nice! I like this project you've given yourself. This one is very good. Excellent composition and colors.

Amanda on Letter 6
I have been doing the same project on my site for the past two weeks as well! It sounds like we started at the same ...

Martin on Letter 6
really like what your doing here, think you have an eye for it,

Claudiu on Letter 6
Keep on.... awesome project U chose, Bravo.

Quark on Stone bridge
A very well composed picture of a peaceful place......

Quark on High Tension
What a very original view, so much space is great !

Martin on Letter 2
stuff like this is actually a great idea, gets one looking beyound the norm at things they would normally pass over,, ...

Anupama on Letter 1
Very very interesting! And this one's quite an intriguing capture even without the creative exercise being its ...

Martin on Red, tinged with yellow
beautiful colors, repitition of shapes.. I think you captured what you set out to get here,, Beautiful!!

Martin on Stone bridge
what a beautiful spot, if I had a spot like this close by, Id be checking it out quite often, really a beautiful shot!!

Martin on Kelp on a Sandy Beach
cant believe you didnt get a comment on this, nice sutle colors, leading lines, great composition, think its very well ...

JPS on Red, tinged with yellow
Your japenese garden ?? A coloured mixture !!!

Rahul Nayak on Skipping Stones
nice one dude

Ravi on Skipping Stones
Like it!

chetana on Stone bridge
very nice pic .. is it leaves floating in the stream below?

chetana on Fall Foliage
very beautiful. Where is this cemetery?

chetana on Mr. Turtle
Great pic! his face resembles Yoda, doesn't it? Btw, are you sure it is a "Mr" turtle? :)

Rahul Nayak on Pit Stop
ah nice composition.

Rahul Nayak on Mr. Turtle
he he he.. nice pic dude

Martin on Terrapin Point, Niagara Falls
like Rahuls compliment, well said !!!! and fitting, very well done!

Martin on Shrouded in "Mist"ery
wow great title for a great photo, where is this??? its really well done!!

Martin on Mr. Turtle
what a cool shot, has that look of " I am Master of all I survey" about him :)

Rahul Nayak on Bike and Yellow tent
Awesome max composition dude

Curly on Bike and Yellow tent
No, no Shriram, the bike always stands against a wall :-)

Susan on Mountain biking
I thought these hills looked familiar....near home.

Tim on Mountain biking
nice and simple shot. love the curve and action suggested by biker.

Garfield on Rose
So real I can smell it!

Curly on Stone bridge
Very nice autumnal scene.

Silverado Photography on High Tension
Fantastic perspective.

Silverado Photography on Mehendi
Good shot.

Self-Indulgence on Mehendi
It looks just applied. Will you show it after? It seems like it will turn out lovely.

Val37 on Leaves or Petals?
Rouge et vert pour un hiver qui va démarrer bientôt !

Dimitrios on Leaves or Petals?

rahul on Logs on Fire
very cozy. awesome pic but why did you keep iso to 80. I would probably take it with iso 400 and shutter speed 1/15 or ...

rahul on Downtown Pittsburgh
dude this is an awesome shot. I dont know if your camera allows it but if it does, try multiple exposures in a setup ...

rahul on Terrapin Point, Niagara Falls
I dont know how to express the whistle sound (the one that you make when you see a hot girl). but this pic deserves ...

rahul on Pensive
dude, very nice composition. but you really need to rework the colors a little bit. the green (which I am sure was ...

rahul on Marketplace
awesome warm tone. and the range of colors is just delicious :)

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